Fussy Eating

This comprehensive, practical course provides;

  • Clear, concise lessons
  • Multiple Meal Plans
  • Customisable Goal Calendar
  • 100+ Recipes
  • Automated Shopping List and more!

All from the comfort & convenience of your home.

Receive all the tools and strategies you need, plus 100+ fussy friendly recipes for only


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Watch this video to find our more about my Fussy Eating Strategies & Solutions course. [embed]https://youtu.be/CsnOfX4vuZg[/embed]   As featured on 7News

Course overview

  • Identifying Fussy Eaters vs. Problem Feeders
  • Underlying Causes of Fussy Eating
  • Strategies to Deal with Fussy Eating Behaviours
  • Staple Swaps to Boost Nutrition
  • How to:
    • Speak to Children About Food
    • Shape Food Preferences
    • Manage Sweet Temptations
    • Increase Vegetables
    • Boost Protein
    • Introduce Healthy Fats
    • Moderate Fruit
    • Rethink Dairy
  • And more!

You'll receive

  • 49 Engaging lessons
  • Fully customisable 7 day meal plans
  • Editable goal calendar for introducing positive changes, step-by-step
  • 100+ recipes, tried and tested with even the fussiest of little eaters
  • Smart recipe tool where you can swap ingredients, filter and search
  • Automatically generated shopping list, that you can change to suit what's already in your pantry and fridge

What other experts have to say...

What other parents have to say...

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Are you tired of food refusal and cooking new recipes that land on the floor or in the bin? Are you trying to tempt your fussy eater to try new foods, and feeling frustrated and anxious when it comes to mealtimes? Do you need some strategies, reassurance and guidance on how to work through a fussy eating phase? Then this is the course for you! As a paediatric nutritionist, I have worked for over a decade consulting with parents of fussy eaters – and, as a mum of two, I understand first hand just how tricky this can be. This is why I developed my new Fussy Eating Strategies & Solutions course – to help parents just like you gain the knowledge, strategies and practical tips you need to help your child expand their repertoire of food and begin enjoying the experience of eating and family mealtimes. My Fussy Eating course covers the underlying causes of fussy eating and problem feeding, practical strategies to help your child transition out of this phase, ways to increase the nutritional value of what your child will eat and tips on how to make wholesome swaps in your kitchen that even the fussiest of little eaters will love. If you’ve ever been worried about your child being a fussy eater, this is the course for you – buy it today and make positive changes at your own pace. I can't wait to hear how you go and am here to offer support when you need it, every step of the way.

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