We all need to buy groceries! In this FREE course you’ll receive;

  • Informative Lessons
  • A Sample Meal Plan
  • Wholesome Recipes
  • Guidance on Key Staples

Who is this course for?
Anyone wanting tips on how to shop for more wholesome, nourishing food.

Receive 16 informative lessons, practical tips, sample meal plan & wholesome recipes


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Watch this video for more information on what you can expect to learn in Wholesome Shopping.   [embed][/embed]

Course overview

  • How to Read Food Labels
  • Buzzwords and Superfoods
  • Shopping for Bread: Switching to Wholegrains
  • Shopping for Milk
  • Wholesome Shopping list and more!

You'll Receive

Get access to all the insights and learnings from the lessons described above, plus links to wholesome recipes and access to our smart recipe tool where you can filter by meal type, allergen, search by key ingredients and more. A shopping list is also provided with staples in the bread and dairy categories, as well as other calcium rich foods. These include;
  • Guidelines for Purchasing Bread
  • Recommended Supermarket Brands
  • Gluten Free, Paleo and Keto Options
  • Dairy Milk - Recommended Supermarket and Speciality Store Brands
  • Lactose Free Options
  • Non Dairy Milk Alternatives
  • Non-Dairy Calcium Rich Foods

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All My Wholesome Child Courses work on any connected device, and can be navigated at your own pace. Perfect for a quick check on your phone when you're travelling through the supermarket aisles! The team is here to support you as you progress and we’d love to hear any feedback that you may have along the way. Make sure you follow Wholesome Child on Instagram @wholesome_child to see our regular supermarket shopping segments (which will resume when social distancing requirements are relaxed).  

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